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Install October CMS on fortrabbit

October is a free, open-source, self-hosted CMS based on the Laravel PHP framework. Learn how to install and use it on fortrabbit.

Get ready

We assume you've already created an App and chose Custom in the Software Preset. If not: You can do so in the fortrabbit Dashboard.

Quick start

Start by downloading the latest October CMS archive from the October CMS website and unpack it locally. It will extract into the folder install-master. Now copy the contents of the local install-master folder (not the folder itself) via SFTP to the htdocs folder of your App. The htdocs folder is the one you are automatically in after logging in via SFTP. The SFTP access for your App {{app-name}} is:

  • Server: deploy.{{region}}.frbit.com
  • User name: {{ssh-user}}
  • Password: {{ssh-password}}

When the upload is finished, visit {{app-name}}.frb.io/install.php in your browser and commence with the guided web installation to finish the setup. You will need MySQL access, which is:

  • Database Type: keep MySQL
  • MySQL Host: {{app-name}}.mysql.{{region}}.frbit.com < not localhost
  • MySQL Port: keep 3306
  • Database Name: {{app-name}}
  • MySQL Login: {{app-name}}
  • MySQL Password: Look up in the Dashboard

After the guided web setup is done, you should first clean up the installer files. Login again via SFTP and remove:

  • installer.php
  • install_files (directory)

Now you can proceed to your freshly installed October CMS. It is now live under:

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