How to reduce your hosting costs

We want you to succeed with your online business here on fortrabbit. This article helps you reviewing and cutting down your cloud costs.

Use the costs overview

With our Dashboard under your Company you can find an invoice archive. There is also an invoice draft for the currently ongoing costs for the month so far. Our pro-rate daily billing helps you to remove unnecessary Components with immediate effect. You need to have the Owner role within your Company.

Review your Apps

See if you have any unnecessary Apps hanging around — maybe some out-of-date side project, or something that is half finished? Our Apps are designed to be disposable.

Create a backup before deleting any Apps

Make sure you have an up-to-date and complete local backup of your App. That way, you can easily re-deploy it again at a later stage to a new App.

Check multi staging Apps

Do you have Apps for multi-staging here? Do you make active use of them? Remove inactive staging Apps.

Check your scaling

Pro Apps can easily be scaled up and down. Review if your currently selected Components. Compare with visitors. You can experiment with a lower scaling of PHP and MySQL. Keep an eye on PHP requests and performance. Maybe you can scale down from high availability to a single Node plan. See our scaling tips.

Sorry, Universal Apps can not be scaled down at the time of this writing (missing feature). Suggested work-around: You might spin up a new smaller App and deploy your App to that one. We are happy to assist you with that.

Review your Company plans

Our Company plans are helping you to collaborate. Review your Company team here. Do all members need to have access to your fortrabbit Apps. If not, remove them for now, you can invite them later on again. With a reduced team you might be able scale down the Company plan. See more details about our Company plans.

Contact us

We are here to help. Just ask us.

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