Frequently asked questions on pricing

Here are are some common questions and answers on our pricing and billing.

What's included in the price?

Apps are created instantly and come ready to use with a private Git repo, Composer integration, an App URL, ephemeral or permanent storage, traffic, collaboration features, App Secrets and more.

Which plan is right for me?

Scaling depends on the type of your application (vertical scaling) and the traffic it serves (horizontal scaling). Start with a Play preset and go on from there. See our scaling tips and please don't hesitate to contact sales.

Can I test it for free?

Yes! It is possible to test a medium preset without obligations. You can even ask us to extend your trial period. Upgrade to a paid version when you are convinced.

What's an App anyways?

An App is a container for your website or application. It comes with multiple Components, and a lot useful standards. See our all about Apps article.

How many websites in one App?

One App shall host one website. Each App comes with a dedicated App URL, dedicated metrics, a single Git repo and collaboration features. The tiny tinkering plans are designed for small websites.

What's a Component?

A Component is an individually scalable service (PHP, MySQL, Memcache, Workers). Each App can have multiple Components at different scaling tiers. Presets are common combinations of Components.

What's a Node?

A Node is a virtual machine that is optimized for a certain Component (PHP, MySQL, Memcache, Workers). Apps are running distributed across multiple Nodes. Node resources are shared: the higher the Components scaling plan, the fewer Apps are hosted on a single Node.

What about data center locations?

You can currently choose between US1, Virginia (USA) and EU1, Dublin (Ireland) as location for your App.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can quit your Account completely with immediate effect at any time directly from the Dashboard.

Can I scale my App at any time?

You can scale Pro-Stack component up and down at any time. However, the change is not instantaneous and depending or currently available resources it may take a few minutes to provision the necessary hardware resources before the change becomes effective.

With Universal Apps there is a limitation in that the Apps can not be scaled down to a lower tier.

How do you bill?

At the end of each month we send an invoice the usage of that month. The billing period is daily. So you'll be charged just for the days you have actually used a certain App or Component. See our pro rated billing article for more.

What's the tinkering level?

Use for development, testing, playing, experiments, staging, feature branches, hot fixes, pet projects, weekend hacks, student work, personal blogs, low traffic websites and so on.

What's the production level?

Use for professional work, commercial projects, mission critical Apps, live sites, high traffic campaigns and so on. This level is covered by 99.9% Uptime guarantee - see our SLA.

What about taxes?

The fortrabbit service is targeted at professional B2B clients. Prices are net and subject to statutory VAT and may be added. Please also see our VAT help page.

What about support?

Our Dashboard is a powerful tool and we think it is mostly self-explanatory. We provide additional documentation documentation about our services and related topics. On top of that, we have company plans which provide enhanced collaboration features and more hands-on support. You may want to read our support FAQ as well.

My question is not listed here

You can search our help pages and of course we would like to hear it directly, just open a chat message (bottom right corner) or mail us.

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