What is what on fortrabbit?

You'll find many capitalized words in these docs. These words refer to fortrabbit "creations". This list shall give you an overview:

  • App: a virtual instance for your PHP application
  • App Secrets: a way to store confidential credentials
  • App URL: a unique default URL each App has: appname.frb.io
  • Account: a Dashboard profile / login
  • Admin: a team member role within the Dashboard
  • Activities: a history log in the Dashboard
  • Billing Contact: payment and billing group for Apps
  • Company: collaboration group
  • Component: a service that can individually be booked and scaled (Professional App)
  • Dashboard: the master control panel: dashboard.fortrabbit.com
  • App Collaborator: a team member role within the Dashboard
  • Node: a lightweight virtual container for a specific service
  • Owner: a team member role within the Dashboard
  • Worker: an optional Component (Professional App)
  • PHP request: a single call for a PHP file
  • Development level: a scaling extension for small Apps and staging (Professional App)
  • Production level: a scaling extension state safe for live Apps (Professional App)
  • Dedicated level: a scaling extension state for big Apps (Professional App)

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