Path to successful support

Here are some tips to how to get the answers you need quickly.

Read and search first, then ask

Consider the following pattern when you have a question:

  1. Search and read our documentation here
  2. Search the error logs, check Google and Stack Overflow
  3. Haven't found answer? Ask us and provide all the details

This is the most time-efficient way to handle being stuck, and it's the most respectful approach of other people's time.

Provide sufficient information right away

Avoid trying to "negotiate a connection" with a support agent. We are not always ready to participate in a chat session.

Specifically, avoid introductions such as this this:

  • "Hello, You there?"
  • "Hello, how are you doing?"
  • "Hi, good day."
  • "Hi, I have a question." - then no question asked
  • "Hi, I just want to ask some questions about TOPIC" - no question asked
  • "Hey, I'm wondering if you could answer a few questions about using TECH on your platform" - no question asked

We can not guarantee a prompt answer at all times. Describe your situation in detail upfront, ask your questions and we will do our best to answer in a timely fashion. We appreciate greatly when clients take the time to outline a problem and provide sufficient details instead of relying on a ping-pong style of conversation. We are a small team and these chat-sessions are highly time costly for us.

Be specific about the issue

Ambiguity is the kryptonite of support. Give us timestamps, full error messages, error logs, screenshots, URLs, and any other specific information that can help to identify a problem. Stick to one problem at a time, this helps reduce the noise level and confusion factor if the problem has to be handed over to another support agent.

  • Bad: "Urgent. Something is wrong. Fix this ASAP!"
  • Better: "At 17:00 UTC today, my app foobar shows an error: ECONNREFUSED after several seconds when I visit the URL and click the 'submit' button"

Describe your problem in technical terms

Use technical language to describe your problem if you are able to do so. Put some effort into explaining exactly what's going on.

  • Bad: "My site is stuck."
  • Better: "When I visit, the browser shows an error: "Not secure" in the URL bar"

Provide context

We don't know your website or web application. Please provide us with the context required to understand your question. Describe your goals.

Open only one support ticket per issue

Please don't try to speed up things by asking the same questions multiple times. We observe some times that in an urgent situation several people from the same company will initiate separate support cases. This is counter productive from our perspective. Opening multiple tickets on the same issue will only impede our ability to provide timely support.

Discuss only one issue per support ticket

If you have a different (new) problem than the one you set out to solve initially with a support case, then please start a new conversation. Each conversation should have one topic. This helps sharpen the focus of each conversation and makes it easier to hand over a case to 2nd level support.

Include replication steps

To solve a problem we often need to recreate the scenario. Please provide us with the exact steps to replicate the issue. If we can't see it, we can't debug it.

Ask for clarification

We are often busy and usually receive a lot of questions about the same or similar topics. Sometimes we asses the situation incorrectly and provide inaccurate suggestions. If you think this has happened, or if the answer does not make sense to you, ask for explanations. Don't be afraid to correct us, or provide further details if we don't seem to understand the issue.

Ask in english

All of our support agents can speak and reply in English.

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