Bounced payments

Sometimes payments don't go through. That happens and we understand it. Don't panic, but take care. This article guides you through the steps.

Why payments bounce

There are various reasons why payments bounce:

Please contact us if you are aware about open invoices with us and or if you have questions about an invoice. In any case, we will inform you by by e-mail about failed payments.

Automatic retries

Over teh course of the month we will retry to previously failed payments. This helps to resolve half on initial bounces.

Service cancellation after repeatedly bounced payments

At some point, after several unsuccessful attempts to charge your account, your App will be deleted. We will not take your data hostage until you pay us, we will permanently delete Apps. Deleted Apps can not be recovered. Read why we do this in a story from our blog.

We consider deleting Apps for bounced payments carefully with human review on a per client basis. Here is the basic rule set:

For brand new clients: In case the very first or second invoice keeps on bouncing (we will retry) and you have not reacted to our e-mails, we will proceed with the deletion of the App right away.

For clients with less than 6 invoices or when the credit card processor reports possible fraud or the Account looks suspicious: We might delete the App after the first bounced invoice (we will retry) or if the client fails to respond to our e-mails.

For long term clients with more than €/$30 monthly recurring revenue and more than 6 paid invoices and at least 2 bounced invoices (we will retry) in a row or a total of 3 unpaid invoices: Before deletion we will attempt to write a personal e-mails, beside the automated ones. We will also try to contact everyone involved in the Company or project. We will delete Apps when there was no reply on our attempts to reach out.

In any case, with 3 open invoices in a row and no reply: We will immediately delete Apps.

For clients with invoices higher than 1k different rules might apply.

Paying open invoices

Open invoices can be found in the Dashboard. Login to our Dashboard > follow the instructions in the "open invoices" warning. Credit card payments are done immediately. SEPA direct payments are delayed. If your credit card has insufficient funds at the time of charging, we may try to charge it again during the month.

No refunds

We are not offering refunds at this time.

This is our current policy because we have a custom billing system and refunds are complicated to do correctly under German accounting laws. We would have to send you a reduced negative invoice and it would require additional manual steps in book keeping for this.

If you think something is wrong with your invoice, please contact us. We may be able to give you a discount on your next invoice to show good will on our part.

Some clients say that they haven't made any use of the services at all and therefor are requesting a refund. Please note that each booked App is utilizing hardware resources whether there have been visitors or not.

Account cancellation

You can always quit, scale down or kill certain Apps.

You can also cancel your Account completely. In this case, we will delete all data connected to your account, including all code and database records hosted by us.

The invoices are an exception to this. We are required by law to keep billing related data, that is the invoices and the information contained there. The same applies to your credit card information, which is stored by our credit card service provider.

Additional fees for bounced payments

Please note that our bank collects fees for failed charges or insufficient funds. We may pass those fees to you. Currently we usually don't.

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