Billing tips

This article covers some tips and tricks about billing on fortrabbit.

Free trial

You can test fortrabbit before paying a single a dime, completely for free. All you need to do is sign up and upload some code. The trial will end automatically, you don't have to cancel it and you will not be charged. No credit card required. Once you decide to book a paid plan, the following sections will apply.

Costs monitoring

You can check the current costs by looking at your Billing Contact, see the Billing Contact help for more.

Billing e-mail address

You can use a different e-mail address for each Billing Contact, see the Billing Contact help in how to change that.


All Billing Contacts within the EU are required to pay in EUR. Billing Contacts from other countries can pay in USD or EUR. It is not possible to change the currency of a Billing Contact later on. However, you can create a new Billing Contact with a different currency and then move Apps there.

Pending transactions

When you create a Billing Contact, we'll do a debit test on your credit card. This should not show up on your credit card statements, because we will not finalize this transaction. Some clients have reported that this transaction shows up in their online banking. In any case, this reserved amount will not be claimed by us.

Downloading previous invoices

Option 1: Search your e-mail inbox for "fortrabbit invoice". Each invoice e-mail contains a secret link to the invoice. From there you can print or download the invoice.

Option 2: Use the "Download / print" button from the Dashboard: Login to the Dashboard > Your Account > Companies (Your Company) > Billing Contact > Invoice archive > Invoice > Download & print invoice. This needs to be done from an Owner Account.

Invoices are shown as HTML. Depending on support in your browser, a PDF can be generated using the "Print to File" feature from your Browser/OS.

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