Website down

This article helps finding common issues when your website is down.

Your website hosted on fortrabbit is not online any more. This is an urgent situation. Let's waste no time and get it solved together.

In most cases it's your issue

Please understand that our experience shows us that most website downtime is individual and caused by code and configuration issues. Every day clients are contacting us because of some server is down. In the great majority of cases we don't find services issues. In many cases we can help the client solving the issue.

Please help us helping you. Follow this route:

What's the exact App name?

Make sure to provide the exact App name. Is the happening to just one App hosted here or to multiple or all?

Make sure to have your developer on board

When you are the Owner of the App but not the technical contact we advice to get your developer in contact with us.

Have you made any recent changes?

Did you maybe recently pushed code? Or did some editor changed some setting on the App? Or was there any other change done, prior the downtime? Maybe someone uploaded a lot of images or performed other actions interacting with the website? Anything that can be of interest.

What kind of error do you see?

There are many reasons why websites go down. Often the error you are seeing in the browser gives you a good hint.

It's likely a 504 error when the website is loading and loading but never shows up or show up a 504 error page. Please proceed to our 504 troubleshooting page.

It's likely a 503 error when you see a "service unavailable" message or just a blank screen or a 503 error page. Please proceed to our 503 troubleshooting page. Provide PHP error logs with your question.

Since when do you see the error?

Report the exact time when the issue started to happen.

What else do we need to to know?

Is the error happening constantly, or is it more on/off? Have you got similar issues before?

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