The fortrabbit Dashboard

On fortrabbit you won't find any old-school server admin control panel like CPanel. The fortrabbit dashboard is designed to give you fine-grained control:

Dashboard scope

Apps: create, manage, scale and delete all of your Apps, get access credentials, set all kind of App-specific configurations, see metrics.

Account: Manage your SSH access keys, password, e-mail preferences and everything else associated.

Collaboration: Manage your own teams and join other teams.

Billing: Manage your different Companies and Billing Contacts, see invoices.

Accessing the Dashboard

Dashboard login URL

The e-mail address you have signed up with

Your fortrabbit Account password, first chosen while signing up

Regaining access

Forgot your fortrabbit Dashboard password? No problem, send yourself a recovery mail to your Account e-mail address.
Password recovery

Lost your 2FA device? Hopefully also not a big problem. Use one of the recovery codes we gave you upfront.

System requirements

The fortrabbit Dashboard is supposed to work in modern desktop browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE11/Edge. JavaScript needs to be turned on. Cookies are used.


On the Dashboard home page you will find a list of performed actions within the Dashboard > activities. This includes your and your teams operations. Seeing who did what when makes your work transparent and helps to increase security.

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