Git troubleshooting

This article aims to help you finding common issues when deploying with Git on fortrabbit.

Read first please

  1. If you are new to Git: Check out Git intro article first, learn the basic concepts and how to install Git for your local development
  2. If you are setting up Git here for the first time: Read the Git deployment guide first, see how Git is integrated as a deployment method at fortrabbit

Common issues and solutions

Permission denied error

If you see this after issuing the commands git push or git pull,

Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

then you the key you are using is not associated with your Dashboard account. Verify that you have imported your key into your fortrabbit account and that Git is correctly installed on your machine. It may take a up to two minutes for a new key to get activated, after it is imported. Usually it works within 30 seconds.

Deployment lock error

!! repository is busy: probably deployment in progress (prep)
!! to force stop, you can use: ssh {{app-name}}@deploy.{{region}} halt

That can happen when somebody else is deploying at the same time, a Git deployment was cancelled or there was a connection error during the deployment. It should not happen often, but can happen from time to time. As the error suggests, the fortrabbit deploy service makes sure that only one deployment is ongoing at a time. That will be cancelled after some time if not finished successfully.

You can run the halt signal by issuing:

$ ssh {{app-name}}@deploy.{{region}} halt

Contact support, if the repository lock is not resolving or if this happens often.

Git client max connections

Some graphical clients for Git, like SourceTree and GitKraken are fetching often and are opening many parallel connections. So you might get blacklisted here for using one of those. You can change the settings of your GUI client: In GitKraken, you can turn off auto-fetching under your preferences. In SourceTree you can turn off checks for default remotes.

Composer errors

Sometimes you might see a Composer error in the git deploy log. This is rare. This can stop your code to be deployed. Usually this is caused by configuration issues on your side. Check your composer.json for dependency issues.

Reporting issues with Git in support

To help us helping you please provide a verbose output of the push (or pull) operation:

# See remotes
$ git remote -v

# Generate verbose output for push
$ GIT_SSH_COMMAND="ssh -vvv" git push fortrabbit main

# Generate verbose output for pull
$ GIT_SSH_COMMAND="ssh -vvv" git pull fortrabbit main

Note: The remote name fortrabbit might be origin or any other custom name you have chosen, or it might not be needed, so without fortrabbit main

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