Troubleshoot 502 errors

The 502 HTTP status code means "Bad Gateway". This article aims to help developers troubleshooting 502 errors.

502 error behavior

  • 502 errors will usually be shown on screen immediately
  • 502 errors often occur after code or configuration changes
  • 502 errors are sometimes just printed as a "service unavailable" message, check the browser’s developer tools for the response's HTTP status code to be sure this is indeed a 502 error
  • 502 errors here are often rendered using a fortrabbit error page template

Common reasons and solutions

The Apache web server will return a 502 error if it can’t proxy a request to the PHP engine - PHP-FPM in our case. This can be because PHP is not running or busy with something else timing out.

In some cases this is not a server issue, but something with your code and configuration. Good news is that they are mostly easy to debug for you.

Check the logs

Examine the logs of your App. See here for Uni Apps and here for Pro Apps. There you'll likely find where the application exited with which error. Compare this with your local development environment and see if it fails the same way. Review your latest code changes.

It could also be something on our side

It is also possible that this error is caused by a network, hardware or configuration issue on our side, your hosting provider. Please check our status page under if there are any ongoing maintenance windows or service issues known.

Contacting support

Whether your investigation (see above) leads to possible service issues on our side or you are stuck debugging the issue on your own, don't hesitate to contact us.

Please include logs and additional information with your support request.

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