Frequently asked questions on our terms

Here are are some common questions and answers on our terms of service.

Can we have custom terms?

We do not practice custom terms negotiation with individual clients or for individual Apps. The fortrabbit hosting platform service scope is a standardized self-service hosting software solution for professionals and small and medium-sized enterprises. We intend to keep our business relations "light-weight".

We don't have a legal team on staff. There is no in house expertise to verify in which areas your custom contracts might contradict our own standard rules. The fortrabbit platform is constantly evolving. New features will usually affect all clients. New methods already need to be checked against our standard security standards, privacy rules and all legal aspects.

Do you have a Technical and Organizational Measures document?

Please also understand that fortrabbit is mostly a software company - a so called Platform as a Service. The actual hosting infrastructure is running on Amazon Web Services. Standard Technical and Organizational Measures for general hosting services therefore mostly don't apply here. We don't have physical access to data centers and therefore can not grant access to a third party. This agrees with other PaaS vendors on the market, also "only" providing pointers to the infrastructures TOM.

Can you fill a W-8BEN-E form?

According to our understanding, we are not required to fill out this form.

Do you have a Certificate of Insurance?

A COI document is not common in Europe. However, fortrabbit is a registered GmbH in Germany. The best analogy in English is a Limited Liability Company (LLC). We — like any other hosting company — can not agree to be liable for your losses on downtime, except for cases of gross negligence covered by our Terms of Service. We do provide an Service Level Agreement which may be relevant to this question.

Do you comply with the NIC Directive (EU) 2016/1148?

No, we do not. From our understanding the Directive on security of network and information systems does not apply to us. Please understand that fortrabbit is mostly a software service, we do not control any physical networks. Apart from that, our company is a small business.

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