About the Stacks

With each App you create, you can choose between two technology stacks. This article helps you to understand why there are two stacks and how to decide.

The three sentence story

The Stacks on fortrabbit are not just some marketing gimmick to sell you the more expensive package, these stacks are fundamentally different in design and use cases. The Universal Stack is for everyone to build websites and web applications, combining legacy workflows with modern design paradigms. The Professional Stack is for sophisticated developers to build modern cloud-enabled high-performance PHP web applications with lots of traffic.

The facts table

Universal Stack Professional Stack
Websites per App 1 ‹ why? 1 ‹ Why?
Pricing model fixed plans flexible Components
Traffic low, medium low - very high
Scalability xxs - s xxs - xxxl
High Availability no yes, except Development level
Local file storage persistent ephemeral
Primary application type websites web applications
Secondary application type web applications websites
Architecture single webserver + db server distributed containers
Required skill level beginner sophisticated
Deployment protocols SFTP, Git, SSH Git
Composer integration after Git push + via SSH after Git push
SSH integration full remote SSH execution
Background Jobs a single Cron Job multiple Cron and Nonstop Jobs

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