Using SendGrid with fortrabbit

About SendGrid

SendGrid offers an e-mail delivery service that assists businesses with transactional e-mail management.


Like other e-mail services, you'll find two different pricing models:

  1. Fixed monthly subscriptions
  2. Pay as you go by volume
  3. There is also a free plan to get started

Booking & signing up

Choose your desired plan to initiate the sign up. You'll first just need to choose a user name, tell them your email address and choose a password. Later on they want to know a little more about you. "Provisioning" your account includes human! checks.

Setting it up

In order to get your mails through the SPAM filter of your users, you'll need to authorize the ownership of the domain you are using — think DNS modifications. fortrabbit is not envolved here. You do this with your domain or DNS provider of choice. This is done with DKIM (SendGrid docs) and SPF (SendGrid docs).

Using SendGrid with fortrabbit

Once you have the setup done, you can finally start using SendGrid from your fortrabbit App. This is straight forward:

The SendGrid PHP library here on GitHub can be required from your Composer.json like so:

  "require": {
    "sendgrid/sendgrid": "~4.0"

To send e-mails via the API, you'll need to specify your SendGrid API key. We recommend to store this with your App secrets. There is also an PHP SendGrid example on GitHub which makes use of both, the API and the SMTP gateway.

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