Using iwantmyname with fortrabbit

With fortrabbit you can configure how your App handles domain requests. fortrabbit does not offer domain ordering — see our comprehensive domain article.

About iwantmyname

iwantmyname aims to make domain management painless. The business is located in New Zealand, the founders have a German background. The service is simple to use yet powerful and developer-friendly.


Prices vary for different TLDs. In general, they are not the cheapest, but they offer a huge range of different TLDs. And, as mentioned before, they are painless to use. Something really worth mentioning because most DNS providers are not fun to work with. Billing is — as usual in domains — yearly in advance.

Signing Up

Visit their website, fill out the web address field and click on the scope symbol. This will show you all available variations of the domain you just entered. Once you decided which you want follow the basket to the checkout, provide your address and payment info. Done.


Each fortrabbit App comes with an App URL: This is not only your first address to see and test your App, it is also the hostname to which you can point CNAME records.

Within the inwantmyname dashboard you find the DNS settings of your domain funkybiz.tld and add a new record like so:

www           CNAME

Note: Mind the . at the end!

Now head over to the fortrabbit Dashboard > Your App > Settings > Domains, add www.funkybiz.tld and funkybiz.tld (if you want both) and save.

After the DNS changes are populated everywhere (this can take a while), you can reach your fortrabbit App under as well. Of course you can choose any other subdomain — for example.

Naked domain forwarding

To forward use your naked domain as well you forward it to the www.-prefixed-version. Use the "Web forwarding" tool from iwantmyname for this. You find it under setup.

Further reading

Check out our general article about DNS & domains to dive into the strange world of the Domain Name System.

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