About Craft on fortrabbit

Craft 3 is the CMS you and your clients will love. We love it too. Our aim is to help you — the developer — to successfully develop and deploy Craft here. This is your entry point.

Choose your Stack

There are two hosting stacks here on fortrabbit. You can choose with each new App your create:

  1. The Universal Stack has VPS or shared hosting feeling. It's easy to use, affordable, but limited in scaling. Use it for testing + small projects.
  2. The Professional Stack is designed to scale horizontally. All components are redundant to assure high uptime. Use it for serious business + potentially large sites.


  1. Install Craft CMS locally: Install new with Composer or use an existing project
  2. Setup Craft for fortrabbit: Prepare environment, set defaults
  3. Deploy Craft: Use our Craft Copy tool
  4. Tune Craft: Master it!

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