Using CloudFlare with fortrabbit

About CloudFlare

CloudFlare is a "magical" multi-purpose website performance & security service, which works on DNS level. It can be used as a kind of Content Delivery Network and as a protection against Denial Of Service Attacks. It is also popular choice to get an SSL certificate for your domain without costs and hustle.


It starts with a free plan with the basic features to get you started.

Signing Up

Go to the sign up page and enter email and choose a password.

Integrating CloudFlare with fortrabbit

There is no technical connection between CloudFlare and fortrabbit. You basically configure CloudFlare with your external domain.

Many fortrabbit clients are using CloudFlare to get SSL (https) for their own custom domain without the need to book and setup the HTTPS custom Component.

CloudFlare also offers domain forwarding from naked domains to the www-version.

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