Using Logentries with fortrabbit

About Logentries

Logentries is a software as a service provider for log management and intelligence.


It starts with a free plan with an fair amount of storage and a week retention included. From there you can continue with larger storage sizes and longer retentions.

Signing up

Go to the Logentries sign up page and enter your personal information to sign up for an account.


Once you are logged in click on the "+ Add New" button in the upper left corner. Choose "Add a Log". In the next dialog click on PHP in the "Libraries" section. Now name your new Log (source) appropriately. For example frbit-your-app-name then click on "Create Log Token" below. Make sure you save the token somewhere - you'll need it later on. Then finish the setup by clicking "Finish & View Log" below.


Stash the just created token in your App's secrets. Go to the fortrabbit Dashboard > Your App > Settings > App Secrets and add:


Add a new App secret for {{app-name}}

Request a firewall white-listing

Logentries needs the ports 10000 and 20000 to be open. By default all outgoing calls to non-standard ports from your fortrabbit App are blocked for security reasons. But you can request the fortrabbit team to open up any port for you. That doesn't take long and isn't complicated.

Navigate in the fortrabbit Dashboard to your App > Settings > Firewall whitelist and request new custom firewall rules - one for each of the ports. Write nothing under the optional IP field. As descriptions we suggest "Logentries" for port 10000 and "Logentries (TLS)" for port 20000 - or the like. Once your request has been approved, which usually takes not very long, you are ready to use Logentries with your App!

Request a new firewall white-listing for {{app-name}}

Using Logentries

There are various PHP libraries which you can use to send your logs to Logentries. Here are the two most interesting contenders:

For specific integrations check out the install guides and find out how to use it with your favorite framework or CMS.

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