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Using ElephantSQL with fortrabbit

About PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is an extensible open-source object-relational database management system (RDBMS). It's not new and sexy, but tried and tested as the initial release was in 1996. It's sometimes a better choice than MySQL. PostgreSQL boasts many characteristics designed to support high-transaction, mission-critical applications. Example scenarios are: in-database custom procedures, complex or edge case queries (like geo data handling).

About ElephantSQL

ElephantSQL is a hosted PostgreSQL service provided from "84codes AB" from Sweden. They have been into this for a long time. Service features are: followers, point in time recovery, forks, backups.


It starts with a free plan. You can scale by the amount of data storage, concurrent connections, CPU power and dedicated memory. See the pricing & plans page.

Signing Up

You can sign up with just your e-mail (double-opt in) or your GitHub/Google account.


Once you're logged click the "+ Create" button on the right side, which will lead you to the new instance dialog. We recommend to use frbit-your-app as the Name. Depending on where your fortrabbit App runs choose the right Data Center:

  • Europe: Choose Amazon Web Service > EU-West-1 (Ireland)
  • USA: Choose Amazon Web Service > US-East-1 (Northern Virginia)

Since you can scale later on at any point, we recommend to choose a plan fitting your current needs. The plans page is linked from there if you are unsure how much you need.


In the instances list of the ElephantSQL console click on the "Details" button of your just created database. Now open the fortrabbit Dashboard in another tab, navigate to Your App > Settings > App secrets and insert the ElephantSQL credentials as your App's secrets:

# The "Hostname" from the ElephantSQL details

# The "Database name" from the ElephantSQL details

# The "Username" from the ElephantSQL details

# The "Password" from the ElephantSQL details

To use ElephantSQL from your fortrabbit App you need to do one more thing:

Enabling the PHP extension

Head over to the fortrabbit Dashboard, navigate to your App > Settings > PHP, scroll down to Drivers and enable pgsql extension. Save.

Using ElephantSQL

Once the extension (above) is activated, PHP using PDO supports PostgreSQL natively. So you can just:

$secrets = json_decode(file_get_contents($_SERVER['APP_SECRETS']), true);
$dbh = new \PDO(
$stmt = $dbh->query("SELECT * FROM table");

Also check out the install guides and find out how to integrate ElephantSQL with your favorite framework or CMS.

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