Deploy Craft CMS with Craft Copy

Learn how to deploy Craft CMS code base with Git to fortrabbit.

Get ready

Make sure to have completed all steps from the get ready guide. You now should have Craft installed in your local development environment already, if not see here.

About Craft Copy

Craft Copy is a command line tool to help you deploying Craft CMS from our local development environment to your fortrabbit App. It will take care of the code, the assets and the database.

Installing and using Craft Copy

Please see the Craft Copy usage guide at GitHub. It guides you through the process of installing the plugin, connecting your App, deploying code, assets and database.

Alternative ways to deploy Craft CMS

Don't feel like using Craft Copy? Np problem! Here are some alternative ways to deploy Craft on fortrabbit:

SFTP deployment

There is a more basic guide: Install Craft using SFTP.

Git deployment

If you prefer to use Git directly, check out our guide: Deploy Craft CMS with Git

Assets management

There are two dedicated guides here to deploy the Craft assets folder separately. It depends on your App's Stack:


Please see our general MySQL guide for various ways to how to copy the database from local to remote and the other way around.

Next steps

See our Craft tuning guide to truly master Craft on fortrabbit.

Further reading

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