Install Craft CMS 3 on fortrabbit

Note: Like Craft 3 Beta this install guide is work in progress.


We are super excited about Craft 3! However, if you plan to launch new Craft sites within the next weeks you should go with the current stable version. Here is the install guide for Craft 2. If you are curious about the future this is the place to be.

Get ready

We assume you've already created an App and chose Craft CMS in the stack chooser. If not: You can do so in the fortrabbit Dashboard.

Root path

Go to the Dashboard and set the root path of your App's domains to web, the default in Craft 2 was public.

Change the root path for App URL of App: {{app-name}}

Quick start

Follow the offical Craft 3 install guide and use composer create-project to run Craft locally first. Leave the config/db.php untouched, but add this ENV vars to your App. It's a mapping from our default ENV vars to the names Craft expects.

# Mapping

# Driver

Add ENV vars to your App: {{app-name}}

Git Deployment

Before pushing the first time to fortrabbit, make sure to git add composer.lock -f.

Updating Craft

The lastest beta is just a composer update away. When you run this command in the terminal locally, the output looks something like this:

Loading composer repositories with package information
Updating dependencies (including require-dev)


  - Removing yiisoft/yii2-debug (2.0.7)
  - Installing yiisoft/yii2-debug (2.0.8)
    Downloading: 100%

  - Removing craftcms/cms (3.0.0-beta.3)
  - Installing craftcms/cms (3.0.0-beta.5)
    Downloading: 100%

The composer.lock file reflects the exact package versions you've installed locally. Commit your updated lock file and push it to your App's master branch. The packages got installed during the deployment. As you can see it takes just a few seconds:

commit and push

That's it.

Using the craft cli

Craft 3 ships with a Yii based cli tool. To use the cli remotely SSH in an type php craft. This will give you a list of all available commands.

This is Yii version

The following commands are available:

- cache                       Allows you to flush cache.
    cache/flush               Flushes given cache components.
    cache/flush-all           Flushes all caches registered in the system.
    cache/flush-schema        Clears DB schema cache for a given connection component.
    cache/index (default)     Lists the caches that can be flushed.

- migrate                     Manages Craft and plugin migrations.
    migrate/create            @inheritdoc
    migrate/down              Downgrades the application by reverting old
    migrate/history           Displays the migration history.
    migrate/mark              Modifies the migration history to the specified
    migrate/new               Displays the un-applied new migrations.
    migrate/redo              Redoes the last few migrations.
    migrate/to                Upgrades or downgrades till the specified version.
    migrate/up (default)      Upgrades the application by applying new

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